Salon Grooming Prices

All prices quoted are for well behaved dogs that have coats in a reasonable condition.  For excessively knotted or matted dogs and dogs that take more time/work than would otherwise be expected, there will be a minimum extra charge of £5.00 per half hour.  Whenever possible you will be advised at the beginning of the grooming of any additional costs, however it is not always possible to estimate these costs until the grooming commences and the work involved can be accurately priced.


Nails Clipped - £5.00


                                                          Full Grooming                                                Pampering

                          Small:  From £15.00    Medium:  From £17.50         Small:  From £20.00    Medium:  From £25.00

                          Large:  From £20.00    X-Large: From £25.00        Large:  From £30.00    X-Large:  From £40.00